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The IMM dashboard provides access to statistical data on global and EU trade with the 15 countries either supplying FLEGT licensed timber or that are implementing or negotiating a FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreement with the EU in December 2019. To facilitate market analysis, data is also provided on other countries which are leading suppliers of tropical timber into the global and EU market.


The dashboard has been developed by the FLEGT Independent Market Monitor (IMM). The IMM’s role is to use trade flow analysis and market research to independently assess trade and market impacts of FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs) in the EU and partner countries.

Data Source

The data is derived from the Sustainable Timber Information Exchange (STIX) being developed by the International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO) through the IMM project in association with the Global Timber Forum (GTF). Technical details on data sources and validation routines are available on the STIX website.

Components & Scope

The dashboard comprises two components:

  • Monitoring Board which visualises the current status of timber supplying countries in the VPA process and the position of VPA partner countries in global and EU tropical timber trade;

  • Market Trends which provides full, free and flexible access to comprehensive data and visualisations on timber exports from VPA partner countries and EU timber product imports.

Trade data is updated every month to allow trade monitoring as close to real time as possible.

The trade data covers all products listed in chapters 44 (wood), 47 (pulp), 48 (paper), and wood-based furniture in chapter 94 of the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS).

For EU trade data, the dashboard covers all 28 countries that were members of the EU in December 2019.

As most VPA Partner countries do not yet publish monthly data on export trade, ‘mirror data’ is used drawing on the import flows of major trading partners that report more regularly. The STIX database currently holds data for 46 reporting countries, including most of the world’s largest economies and timber trading nations which together account for over 90% of global wood products trade.

Using relevant selectors, the product scope of EU trade data shown on the dashboard can be restricted to only those products regulated through the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR). EU operators that place EUTR-regulated products on the EU market are required to implement a due diligence system to ensure a negligible risk of illegal harvest. FLEGT licensed products are recognised as legally harvested under EUTR and therefore excluded from the due diligence requirement.

All data can be downloaded in a wide variety of formats and all charts are dynamic. Areas can be selected with a mouse for expansion and data values will be shown on hover. Images of selected data can be downloaded as .png files.

The FLEGT IMM is funded by the EU and managed by the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO).
The contents of this data dashboard are the sole responsibility of the IMM and under no circumstances can be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Commission


Monitoring Board

History of Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPA)

To date, 9 countries are in the implementation phase, including 1 FLEGT licensing country.

Timeline of Timber Import Regulations

38 countries use regulatory measures to eliminate illegal trade.

Global Tropical Timber Trade


Trend in Global Tropical Timber Trade by VPA Status


Trend in Global Tropical Timber Trade by Regulatory Status of Consumer Countries

* Other regulated countries: Australia, Iceland, Indonesia, Japan, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Norway, Republic of Korea, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

EU Imports: Trade Flow



EU Imports from VPA Partner Countries